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Housing Affordability

The need for a home is basic. Having an affordable, appropriate home can provide opportunity and justice, offering a family access to jobs, transportation, healthcare, childcare, recreation and other vital services, and paving the way for children to get a good education ... [ more ]

Food Insecurity

The Community Outreach Staff at the Department of Human Services in conjunction with the Milford Food Bank, are helping provide Milford residents who are facing economic difficulties, with supplemental food. Additionally, the Department of Human Services works to educate, inform, and enlighten the community about the issues of hunger through our outreach services ... [ more ]

Community Wellness and Health Equity

Milford is a city in New Haven County. From a community health perspective, it is part of the Greater Bridgeport service area. With a population of about 54,000, Milford is 83% white, 3% black, 6% hispanic, and 9% other.  Social drivers of Health in Milford include Food Insecurity, Housing Afforability, Economic Stability, and Education ... [ more ]

Municipal and Other Resources

This section of our website has key resources to help Milford Citizens become and stay engaged with the democratic process in the Small City with a Big Heart ... [ more ]

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